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4525mm*2710mm sponsored by SHARP with Multidisplay system PN-V601
『Tokyo Midtown Award 2010』Minato-ku TokyoMidtown

Albert Einstein [idea and opinions]


アインシュタインがそう語る30年ほど前から、スティーグリッツは「Equivalent」のシリーズを撮影していた。二人の共通点は宇宙、あるいは自然に対する畏敬の感覚であることは推測できるが、さらに言えば、自然や宇宙の存在の認識を通して、自己の存在を確認している点だと私は考えている。スティーグリッツは次のような言葉を残している。“私が何かによって心を揺さぶられたとき、 感じた感情をずっと同じように持続させたいという強い願望を抱く。しかし私がつくるものは、私が感じた生の感覚が生み出されたその体験とまったく同じようなものであるべきである。”このことから、スティーグリッツは単に空の写真を撮影したのではない。彼は単に空を撮影する行為よりも印刷すること、そしてその印刷されたものが、自分の感じた感情そのものと同じ強度を持って、見る人に訴えることを望んだ。また注目すべきことは、明らかに彼は空をなんともなしに眺めていたのではなく、そこに強い感情を喚起される何かを見出していた、ということだ。それは一体何か。
“I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and novelist motive for scientific research.”   - Albert Einstein [idea and opinions] 1954


30 years before Albert Einstein made this comment, Alfred Stieglitz had photographed the series of “Equivalents.” I guess what the artist and scientist had in common is the awe-inspiring feeling toward the cosmos, or nature. Furthermore, I think they confirmed their own existences through the recognition of the existence of the cosmos or nature. Stieglitz said, “When I am moved by something, I feel a passionate desire to make a lasting equivalent of it. But what I put down must be as perfect in itself as the experience that has generated my original feeling of having been moved.” From those words, we can understand that he did not simply photograph the sky. He was more eager to print the image than to simply photograph the sky, and wished that the print would make an appeal to the audience that would be as strong as the emotion he felt. Moreover, he was not simply looking up at the sky, but found something which awakened our emotion. What is that?

I started to climb mountains several years ago in order to make the photograph series “reflector.”  When I saw the deep blue sky above me at the summit of a mountain, I remember having two—mixed—feelings. The first was elicited by the boundlessness of sky. Seeing such endlessness made me feel bewildered, as if my existence had just vanished. The second was the opposite feeling. It was a nostalgic feeling, similar to intimacy. And yet, these two opposite feelings have coexisted in me since then. I somehow wanted to make it visible and to confirm it objectively, and I pressed the shutter button to catch those feelings. However, the digital image was not at all sufficient to capture the entirety of my feelings.Time passed by, and one day, I came up with an idea. The sky which we see is always a part of the entire sky. Even so, is there any way one might capture the entire sky, or at least as much of it as possible? I used three cameras and tested my idea.  I photograph the sky. By using my own unique method, I capture the massive sky that one cannot see with the naked eye. But even so, I am not simply photographing the gigantic sky. I want to grasp the “something” transcendental that Stieglitz had felt. I would like to capture that “something” which exists both in nature and deep in our consciousness.


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